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-====== London Bridge side-scroller game ====== 
-**London Bridge** is a side-scroller platformer game, designed and developed for research purposes. {{ :pub:lb.png?nolink&400|}} 
-The game was created using Game Maker Studio v 1.4 (see [[|developer's webpage]]).  
-In **London Bridge**, the player controls an English Gentleman, who traverses the London Bridge, as it's falling down (referring to old nursery rhyme //"London Bridge is falling down"// ([[|example interpretation of the song]]).  
-The game goal is to collect purple Diamonds within specified time limit, while avoiding being hit by burning bricks that fall down on the player, and crows that fly towards him from the right side of the screen. Picking up a Diamond grants 5 points. Bricks subtract 5 points from the player's score, Crows steal 5 seconds from the remaining time. Bricks and Crows spawn randomly. Also, the player can (and should) collect the Clocks to boost his remaining time by 5 seconds.  
-As in the case of old side-scrolling games (like Super Mario series, etc.), the player can progress only by walking to the right - as the game screen progresses with the player, the passed route on the left becomes unavailable (the Bridge has already collapsed there).  
-The information on player's score and remaining time is indirect - the score is represented by a descriptive label (ranging from "Awful" to "Fantastic"), and the passing time is depicted as a gradually diminishing piechart.  
-What is more, when half of the designated time has passed, the player is informed about that with a warning notification that appears in the center of the screen.  
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